Dress Up Your Blog With Widgets

Dress Up Your Blog With Widgets

Widget for blog is the mantra that is raging as a top favorite among the blogging fraternity. If anything, a nice piece of widget increases interactivity of a blog, and yes it does a bit of fizz and flamboyance as well. The good news is there is no dearth of widget for blog, and if you’re willing to spend a little of your time, you’ll be spoilt with choices.

But before that, let’s see what is a widget. And what it is that is so exciting about having one or more of it in your blog.

A widget, rather a web widget, is a small chunk of code, usually a JavaScript or a Flash Script, which when embedded in a blog or website, presents a fascinating array of interactive information. The code snippet of widget comes ready for use, and so there’s no need of any programming skill to get going.

For example, if you’re a MyBlogLog user, you get a JavaScript widget that shows who among MyBlogLog users are recent readers of a blog or website. Yet another widget shows outgoing links that are clicked by your visitors, updated hourly.

In my blog-site, Kolkata Musing, I use a Widgetbox widget that automatically stores the recent posts. What’s more, it offers readers a no-hassle ready option to include the widget of my posts in their website. Cool indeed.

Okay, what Widgetbox does is reading the rss feed of a blog, and presenting the latest entries in an eye-catching fashion. As the feed updates with addition of posts, so does the widget, wherever it may be residing.

This is pretty much the same what many other widget management systems offer, for example SpringWidgets, owned by the same company that owns MySpace. In fact if you’re using the syndicated content service of FeedBurner (now owned by Google) like this blog, you may use the syndicated feed to create a widget for embedding in any website.

WordPress, the popular blogging platform, allows a wide variety of blog-related widgets, like calendar, recent posts, recent comments, and so on that can be chosen to be shown in the sidebar of the blog.

Yet another popular widget from WhoLinked, when placed in your website, allows you to see real-time all the incoming links to it.

Now that we’ve good idea about what a widget for blog can be, let’s see some of the popular widget management systems that are there to explore. Here’s a list of them about which the readers can find out more:

1. FunAdvice Widgets
2. Grazr
3. MuseStorm
4. Snipperoo
5. SpringWidgets
6. Widgetbox
7. Widgetoko
8. Widgets Lab
9. yourminis

A Note Of Caution

Some widgets you get to see in the sites above are so cool that you may feel inclined to include quite a few of them in your site. Better don’t. Not for any apparent reason, but for the fact that the script that accompanies each widget takes time to load fully, and if several of them are there, then your blog page will take lot of time to display its full content.

Remember you’ll normally have other JavaScript that are important for your blog. So, use widget for blog with care.

Essential Tips On How To Become An SEO Expert

Essential Tips On How To Become An SEO Expert

You don’t need to hire sometime to do any search engine optimization (SEO) work for you. This article outlines the essential tips that you can use so that you can become an SEO expert and quickly increase your website ranking on search engines.

If you want your website to constantly maintain a high ranking on search engines, then you must read this article.

Adding fresh keyword-rich content to your website and blog is the most essential step to increasing your ranking on search engines. It is important that you write and add new content on a regular basis. Search engines like fresh content, and if you want to succeed in SEO, you must have a laid out plan of adding content on your website on a regular basis. Your website ranking on search engines fluctuates according to the popularity of your website and this is partly influenced by the fresh content you add at any particular time. To maintain a high ranking, it is important that you add unique content on a regular basis.

Use different strategies to improve your ranking on search engines. You can write articles, press releases or participate in forums. By using different tools, you can double the results of your SEO efforts.

Monitor the performance of your website on search engines. If you want to maintain a high position on search engines, you must constantly assess your ranking and identify new ways of increasing your position on search engines. You must also keep up to date with any new techniques that you can use in SEO. Internet marketing is very dynamic, and you need to keep learning new SEO tools.

Exchange as many links as possible with other websites. It is also important that you check all your links on your regular basis to make sure that they work. High quality and relevant links can help you rank high on search engines. You will need to make an effort to identify high ranking websites that complement your website and request to exchange links with these websites.

A simple plan of action for your SEO strategy is all you need to increase and maintain your ranking on major search engines.

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SEO – Smart Way to Gain Success

SEO – Smart Way to Gain Success

The popularity and visibility of a website on the internet makes it ranked good by search engines. Actually, the more visible the website is to viewers, the better the chances it can get to be noticed by the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN.

So if your website is not being notice by the search engines and your presence is being ignored by the internet, what will you do then? What will you do to make sure that your website will be recognized by the search engines? Read on, since this article will provide you the answer to these questions.

Definitely, having a business, you want it to gain success. Of course, you do not want your website left hanging in there without even a single visit or sale. One of your goals is to gain lots of visitors to your website; since this can help you gain traffic to your website and can get great ranking on the search engines.

Of course, you have heard about search engine optimization or SEO. For you to gain the goals you want for our business’ website, you have to optimize your website. Optimizing your website takes a lot of work, so if you think you can’t do it, you can hire a SEO Company to make the work for you. But of course, do not hire just a SEO company; make sure it is the best one.

Having a business, you want to make sure that it will gain lots of profits and be popular, but you can achieve this if you make use of search engine optimization. Yes, as mentioned earlier working with a SEO Company can help you out achieve all of your goals. But you have to take time in finding the best SEO Company.

The Best and professional SEO company can guarantee the success of your website, with their methods, strategies and experiences, they can assure you that you will gain traffic to your site and be on the top rank of the search engines.

Yes, you know that lots of people are using the internet for information, services and products, and they do it with the use of search engines. So if you will be on the top rank of the search engines, lots of internet users will visit your website.

If you are looking for the best SEO Company, you can use the search engines in doing so. You have to simply type the topic or subject of your website on the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Definitely, the search engines will give you plenty of results but of course all you have to do is open the one on the top rank and look for the SEO Company that made it possible for the website to be on that ranking.

Indeed, in order to gain the success you desire for your business, you have to work with the best SEO company that possess the strategies, methods and experiences that can aid to that goals.

The User Generated Content Advantage

The User Generated Content Advantage

Many websites today develop at a slow, gradual pace or not at all. This is due to the fact that the average web developer does not want to spend all of his or her time writing content for their site. You have got to admit it. Over time, writing new content everyday become monotonous and you must either turn to new methods of gaining content such as outsourcing or just let your site become static. Well, there is another alternative… Using User Generated Content.

Why Does Your Site Need User Generated Content?

Even if you are very motivated and you generate 5 pages a day on the average, it will still take you a good 55 years to reach 100,000 indexed web pages. Why would I set a goal so high? Well, a goal of 100,000 web pages is not very high when you have the power of user generated content on your site. Squidoo currently has over 500,000 indexed web pages and this has happened over the past two years!

Without a doubt, user generated content can make your site explode with content, but why would you want that to happen? Well, from my experiences online over the past few years, I estimate that 500 indexed content pages with an average of 300 visitors a day can generate 0 a month in Adsense income. Just imagine if you had 100,000 web pages, That would be roughly ,000 a month in Adsense income. I’m not even taking into account the amount of income you could generate by selling ad space directly through and advertising management software at your own set rates.

How Can You Add User Generated Content to My Site?

You may already have some tools on your site that permit user submitted content. A WordPress blog offers the ability for your visitors to post comments. Well, comments are user generated content. Anytime someone posts their ideas, beliefs, or a testimonial they are submitting user generated content. All you have to do is lay out a good advertising template to take advantage of that content and transform it into income.

Additionally, there are other tools available that will permit your site to have user generated content. Site Comments is a good software that I use on my product review pages in order to generate numerous testimonials for products I am promoting. This is a good program for user generated content, but there is one that blows them all out of the water.

If you look around, there are loads of different comment scripts available and it is not difficult to find forum software to add to your site. These tools may satisfy your needs for user generated content to a certain extent, but when it all comes down to it, you still do not have the ability for your visitors to generate their own pages on your site.

I’ve searched all over the web and if you are looking to buy a copy of myspace’s software or Squidoo’s, ect. you are out of luck… For now. That is you will not have to wait very much longer and you will not have to hire a programmer to create it for you. The software is called Content Avalanche and the name is appropriate.

Top 25 SEO Myths You Should Know Before Optimising Website

Top 25 SEO Myths You Should Know Before Optimising Website

You might think you already know everything about search engine optimisation process. Well, think again. Some of the things you know may just be myths. There are several SEO myths that webmasters and search engine optimisers still fail to recognise. What are the SEO myths? Here are the top 25:

1. Search engine optimisation can be performed just by anyone.
2. SEO is only for those websites who sell products online.
3. SEO companies can give their clients a guaranteed top ranking position.
4. SEO gives an overnight result. You can optimise a website today and expect it rank high tomorrow.
5. Build more links irregardless of the quality.
6. It is fine to copy content from other websites and paste it on your own website.
7. There is no need for you to write unique content for your website since you can just syndicate articles from directories.
8. There is no need for further work after you have optimised your website.
9. Search engine ranking is all that matters.
10. The more links the better, quantity matters and not quality.
11. There is no need for a website to be submitted to web directories.
12. A website doesn’t need updated content.
13. The search engines won’t know if you use black hat SEO techniques.
14. Do it yourself SEO is better than hiring SEO professionals – can be true if you are an expert yourself.
15. Web design doesn’t need to be optimised.
16. The navigability of the website has no effect on its search engine ranking.
17. The search engines must be prioritised than the target market.
18. There is no need for testing, once a website is already optimised let it stay that way.
19. Site visitors already know how to browse a website so don’t worry about usability.
20. Flash is the best way to present your message.
21. You can write anything that you want in your website content.
22. There is no need for you to add keywords on the website content.
23. Adding more large-file images on the website makes the site more appealing.
24. It doesn’t matter if the website is slow to load, after all, there are now more broadband users than dial ups.
25. Why still optimise a website when it can still be indexed by the search engines no matter what?

These are the top 25 search engine optimisation myths that both webmasters and search engine optimiser must be aware of. Some of them seem to be like a fact rather than a myth, so be very careful.

8 Great Tips: Selecting A Professional Search Engine Optimization (seo) Service

8 Great Tips: Selecting A Professional Search Engine Optimization (seo) Service

Search engine optimization is increasingly being accepted as a powerful and critical component of the marketing plan. With the costs involved in other forms of online marketing growing significantly, it has become almost a necessity for companies to include SEO in their overall marketing mix.

It’s thus no surprise to know that professional SEO today is big business and this industry is growing at a fast pace. There are however many different types of SEO firms out there and finding a reliable service can be a daunting task.

Search engine optimization firms employ varying methods to get high rankings for websites and not all of these techniques are considered ethical. With the increasing number of ‘black hat’ SEO firms, (companies using unethical and unfair methods and techniques to manipulate search engines), and the thin line between actual ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat’ SEO practices, it is crucial to be well informed of the methodology the company plans to use for your website before you decide to hire them.

Here are 8 simple tips to help you in your evaluation and selection of a trustworthy and professional search engine optimization service:

1.Educate yourself with the basics
Make sure to do your homework carefully before you venture out to hire a SEO service. It’s imperative you understand in advance exactly what a firm can and will do for you to enable you to evaluate them. There are several resources online dedicated to search engine marketing and search engine optimization and taking the time to understand and learn the basics will go a long way.

2.Fee structures and your budget
There are no standardized fee structures and most companies offer a range of packages instead. A package may in itself contain a variety of services like keyword research, optimization of a certain number of pages, directory submissions etc. Selecting a company should not be only about cost. A firm that charges more may not necessarily be better at SEO and likewise a firm that charges less may not necessarily be providing you the same services. Use prudence while understanding pricing models and the risks behind them. One way to go about deciding what your budget should be is to first identify your website’s and business’ unique needs, tailor a package to meet these requirements and then compare firms’ pricing models to decide a realistic baseline budget.

3.Size and specialty of the firm
Depending on the size of your website and requirements of your company, it might be a good idea to check out whether the firm is adequately staffed and what their customer to SEO team ratio is.

Another important thing is to ensure that the company specializes in all areas of SEO and has a team of professionals experienced and accomplished in each of the areas including design, development and actual coding.

The location of the firm largely depends on your comfort level. You may favor a local company or one at least within your country or prefer to outsource completely to another country to benefit from their lower costs. There are also few companies using a blended offshore delivery model with marketing and client services offices in one country and the actual design and development work being done in another. With the combination of lower costs plus client servicing available within reach, this upcoming balanced model may be a good option to consider.

5.Client testimonials and references
References are a great way to start and should be freely available. If they haven’t been provided, ask and make sure to use them to find out exactly how credible and trustworthy the company really is based on their past client’s experiences.

Most firms won’t guarantee top position results and shouldn’t. It is justifiable for a company to guarantee increasing your traffic or rankings from its current positions; however if any SEO service is guaranteeing you a specific position/ranking in any search engine, make sure you read the fine print of the agreement.

7.Ethics / Spam
Ethics is of paramount importance when it comes to selecting a search engine optimization company. There are a variety of unethical practices a firm can use right from while selling their services to you, to, the actual methods they employ while optimizing your site (keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc to name a few). Make sure to ask as many questions as possible and specifically about the methodology they use. If the firm does not offer you ready explanations of the process they undertake to optimize websites, you probably need to look elsewhere.

8.Reporting and success measurement
Some of the key questions to ask – How long will it take to see results? What type of reports will the SEO firm furnish and how often? How will success be measured? Will a maintenance plan be included?

It is largely up to you to define the goal and success level of your SEO campaign. It may be an increase in the traffic to your site, potential leads from a mailing list subscription, or an increase from last years sales. Make it a point to discuss and articulate your goals with the SEO firm and come to an agreement before you hire them. It is however important to set realistic expectations. Unlike PPC and other forms of paid advertising, SEO is a time consuming process, both in terms of implementation as well as results.

To conclude, hiring a SEO services firm can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line, however the decision to partner with a particular SEO firm should only ensue after a careful evaluation of the firm and after you have done the groundwork necessary to help you decide your own goals for the program.

Article Marketing 101: Learn The Basics Here (2)

Article Marketing 101: Learn The Basics Here

Article marketing can be a great way to promote your web site. By placing quality articles in different directories, you can attract more attention to your site and build your customer base. The tips and techniques in this article will help you get started on a successful article marketing campaign.

Be familiar with any sites where you are submitting your article marketing work. Know the guidelines for submitting your work and check to see if there are any tutorials. Many sites have the information you will need, you just need to take the time to find it.

Try to use a good spinning tool for creating more variations on your articles. Best Spinner is a great tool to use to create different versions of your articles. It’s an easy desktop application with a simple interface that can get you many different versions of your articles in no time flat.

Publicize your articles on social media sites and everywhere else you can. Promote them in your blog and newsletter, and make sure everyone knows where to find your articles. The more people that read and share your articles, the more visitors (and hopefully buyers!) you will have to your site.

Use your articles to create a blog. Add all of your articles to a free blog site such as WordPress or Blogger. This allows you to get more mileage out of your articles, and even though people talk all about Google penalizing your for duplicate content, most people don’t understand that this mostly means duplicate content that resides on the same domain.

When you launch your article marketing campaign, start slowly. Lavish extra attention on your first articles and choose the directories you send them to with care. Making a careful start will teach you the ropes, encourage you to build good habits and establish your reputation as a trustworthy, high-quality article author.

Only publish content that will help your readers. Your article must serve the audience it is meant for because it will show if you do not show concern for the reader. Don’t write an article to only get links back to your site, make the article relevant and interesting.

If things do come up that prevents you from regularly writing your article, try outsourcing. You can post this as a job on sites like Craigslist. People who are interested in your ad can contact you and provide samples. You can then choose who you would like to write your content for you. This can be more affordable than some “professional” writing group online. Just make sure that you check the work before submission.

Be sure to check your spelling of every word in your article. If you publish an article with several spelling mistakes you are going to really do some damage to your reputation. You are not going to look as if you are an educated person who knows what they are talking about.

Before you get started on your article marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to be sure you’ve educated yourself on the basics. This article should have helped give you a good understanding of what is involved in successfully using articles to promote your website. Just apply what you’ve learned, and soon you’ll see great results.

SEO Web Development – What You Need To Do Before You Get Ranked In The Search Engines

SEO Web Development – What You Need To Do Before You Get Ranked In The Search Engines

If you are looking for tips for SEO Web development, there are many great websites and Internet that will give you this. Very simply, no matter how great Internet marketer you are, it is very hard to make money and Internet without knowing SEO (search engine optimization) skills. For this, you can either higher search engine optimization companies, debt SCO training, or do it yourself. There are another things you can do to increase your SEO skills and website visibility.

When you’re always using Google ad words in pay per click to make money on the Internet, this can be very challenging process. Certainly, there are many great Internet marketers that have made all their money on the Internet entirely from pay per click; however, keep in mind that this is a very difficult business model to succeed with long-term.

Certainly, pay per click has its advantages over SEO Web development. It is much quicker to start generating traffic your website through it, if you can literally start driving traffic to your site within 15 minutes of signing up for a pay per click campaign. SEO, on the other hand, takes quite a longer starting traffic.

Often times, it will take you several weeks to even several months of researching some significant traffic to your website, depending on how hard the keyword you are targeting is to go after. However, keep in mind the getting free traffic is always preferable to the pay per click in the long run. Here are some important tips to know beforehand.

First of all, before starting with your SEO Web development, remember that no matter how much traffic you that, if they don’t do what you want to do, it’s pretty much useless. If you’re an Internet marketer, you are one of two things with a visitor comes to your site: either for them to give you money right there on the spot, or leave a name and e-mail address for you to market to them down the road.

Therefore, even if you’re getting 10,000 or more visitors per day, if they don’t do this, this traffic is pretty much useless. The best way to find out if your site converts is to do a quick Google average campaign, split test two different web pages to see which one converts the best. Once you’ve found this out, make sure that your website converts, and only then should you start optimizing it for SEO.

Again, no matter how much free search engine traffic you get, if the traffic is not doing what you wanted to do, there’s no reason to do SEO in the first place. Unfortunately County only many prizes for generating the most amount of traffic to your website; the only thing that matters is the dollars you get from it. Unfortunately, many Internet marketers they are great at SEO skills, but terrible a converting that traffic into paying customers.

When it comes to Internet marketing, there are only two skills the matter; getting traffic in converting a traffic into paying customers. Hopefully these SEO and web development tips will help you to get your site skyrocketing to the top of the search engines, and maybe more importantly, getting that traffic to give you money.

SEO – A Customer Harvest

SEO – A Customer Harvest

When a web user visits a search engine they will type in a search term they want to search and then wait for the results. What they wind up with are results that may include more than a million web pages each ranked according to the terms of the search engine.

If you are an online business can you reasonably expect a site searcher to wade through 50 pages of results to find your store? I think it is more reasonable to assume you have 3-5 pages at the most to catch potential customers.

If consumers don’t find what they are looking for by then their interest diminished or they will try their search using a new set of keywords.

It’s not enough to simply develop a new website and hope it catches on. You have to be proactive in getting your name out there. The best term for marketing to the Internet is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While there are a wide variety of marketing possibilities online it really has to start with SEO strategies.

If you can’t catch the attention of the search engines it will be almost impossible to catch the attention of potential customers.


It is estimated that over 90% of new destinations determined by web users begins through the use of a search engine.

SEO strategies are to your website what the best word of mouth advertising is to a brick and mortar store. If you can place well in search engine rankings you have gained a benefit that surpasses virtually any other form of online marketing.

As with any marketing technique SEO requires planning, implementation and some patience while you wait to see how well your work has paid off.

Like a farmer planting a crop, you will not produce a harvest immediately. Every farmer knows you harvest later than you plant and you harvest more than you plant. This is an important concept for those online business owners who do not think that SEO is important to their online success.

If you were to pursue Pay Per Click Advertising or simple signature based advertising when you post to a forum or blog you may gain some visitors, but it will not garner the same ‘harvest’ as solid SEO strategies.

When you view SEO as an unnecessary step in site implementation you ultimately consign your website to an inflated advertising budget with no assurance that any online search engine user will be able to find you.

When you are looking to harvest customers explore the many facets of SEO.