How To Build A Website That Makes Money

How To Build A Website That Makes Money

As little as one decade ago an ecommerce site was the domain of techno wiz’s and coding geniuses. Today the Internet business world is not limited to the technically gifted and motivated. Anyone can build an ecommerce business due to the advent of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors, web building wizards, open source blog and web site platforms, as well as platform like Ebay, Amazon, etc.

A person can build a viable web business without ever understanding how to configure a Mysql database or coding in HTML or PHP. A strong computer background or time needed to learn, is all the skills needed to get started.

Static Pages & Content Management Systems

Static pages are like digital paper. They do not change. They end in .htm, and remain the same until the owner changes the content on them.

A content management system can be as simple as a or WordPress blog. Or, it can be a complex 000 platform that is powerful enough to run 100 000 pages of content. The objective is to create something for the search engines to send their robots to for ranking and traffic generating.

The content should be designed to create demand, solve problems, and offer solutions. The secondary purpose is to optimize the website increasing the traffic and profit.

What Are You Selling

The Internet does not require a tangible product for sale. There are dozens of things to sell which are not tangible including downloads, education, affiliate and advertising, pre-selling, or social/ entertainment. Creating a site where people can come and share their love for a hobby, venture, belief, or view, can provide a good opportunity for a savvy business owner.

It is possible to sell entertainment. It is possible to sell ‘meeting people.’ Many Internet businesses have grown to unbelievable levels of success doing just this. Some examples are,, and more.

The first step to building a website is not designing the site. It is deciding what is being sold. Why will people come to the website? What will attract them? What will make visitors stay at the site?

Understanding what is for sale will help the business owner pre-sell the product without continually telling people to buy something. In fact, the most profitable sites are those that do not try to sell anything.

Monetize the Website

The term monetize the website means to create a website that doesn’t sell anything. Its sole purpose is to pre sell a product and make money by driving people to websites that do sell something. This is a popular method of income generation as it lets Internet businesses to create multiple streams of income and diversify without needing to invest money into products, merchant accounts, and warehousing or drop shipping.

Shopping Carts

Once the website owner decides what to sell, they need to determine what type of platform. Many new companies stick with an ebay company. Other people do not try to do it their own. Instead they take their time and explore their options.

One way is to use,, or to sell their products.

Stay Up To Date

Being behind the times is a quick way to go out of business. Ecommerce companies need to stay up to day. That e-book should be changed into a home study or an e-course. The download should become a video or audio file. The free blog – a personalized website. The internet world is evolving. As fast as users become familiar with one form of Internet tool or feature, another is quickly increasing to take its place.

The key to success is remaining educated, reading everything you can, and staying up to date with the web and all the tools it has. What makes money? Something new.

Web Development Services in India

Web Development Services in India

The Internet has proven to be the most profitable and powerful medium to promote businesses in last few years. Internet has become an indispensable channel for the growth of your business. Be it marketing and brand promotion or customer acquisition or new market penetration, you have to have a corporate website for your business.
India has become the most sought after country for web development services. Website development companies in India are in a greater demand because of various advantages. These web design companies, India provide maximum online presence with a functional and profitable e-solution.

In India, many web marketing companies are located in Delhi. These companies provide a complete solution from documentation, presentation, rich content to security and Interactive User Interfaces. Web development companies Delhi have experts to work in flash based tools to initiate dynamic products, XML, SOAP, WSDL Java, J2EE and client-server technologies. They are continuously adding the latest to cope with ongoing online changes.

Beside developing and designing good websites, there is also an increased demand for Indian SEO companies. These SEO companies Delhi are managed by professionals who have the clientele from all over the world. Website marketing companies, Delhi are engaged in providing world-class services to every kind of businesses. These Indian SEO companies offer affordable & ethical SEO operations customized SEO services, SEO Consultant Services, Website Promotion, Search Engine Placement in Google and other major search engines & directories. IT revolution has proved that with the right knowledge and resources, you can make an effective, attractive webpage but if it has got no visibility, it loses all importance. Professional SEO experts in SEO companies, Delhi strive to make your website get maximum visibility and help you to take the World Wide Web by storm.
A SEO company, Delhi also facilitates Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Search engine marketing services Delhi is essential for increasing the ranking of the website as SEM is used to enhance the traffic result. A high quality search engine marketing process can increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). Indian SEO companies have knowledgeable professionals who constantly search methods of enhancing rankings including Video search marketing. They ensure high rankings for whole website, per page, pay per click advertising and popularity.
Presently, Indian market controls almost 90% of Web Services outsourcing business. There are many noticeable benefits to this. Web development company, India provides technologically advanced internet solutions to clients internationally at minimum cost and optimal timeframe. These Indian Web design companies also look after back-end support requirements of the customers through outsourcing methodology. Providing maintenance and ongoing support to upgrade the needs of the businesses is a major benefit you can get from an Indian web marketing company. India has a vast resource of talented, skilled web development workers who deliver a top quality service. Another benefit is of language. Most Indians are proficient in English language. It makes Indian web development companies easy to interact with international clients and also saves time in explaining details of their requirement. One more point to note is that Indian government has been very supportive of this. It appreciates and encourages the IT potential of the country and has started several programs to promote it. Promotion of IT industry has contributed in betterment of Indian economy also.

How To Promote Your Books In Online World

How To Promote Your Books In Online World

Now I assume that you had published you first book, and you want to promote it. These are many way you can use to promote books online.

1. Make use of your signature online. Make sure you put your link to where your book can be found or purchased in your signature. In your email, you can link to websites, blogs, or whatever you want. Don’t make it too long, it’ll annoy the readers. And another important point is to make a post to relevant groups or forums.

2. Google and Yahoo group are the best places to go. Join the groups that are for readers and post often. The other will see your site through your signature

3. Go to chat spot and start chatting, Offer them a gift or related promotional items to come to your sites ( That where the address of your book.) If the chat is somethings about writing, offer them a critique. That will make your book more interesting in their point of view, just remember, people always love critique.

4. Try finding a related websites or blogs that are in your genre, offer them to do a reviews or maybe a short interview on their site or blog. If the blog has a very high traffic, the more people will see your book. Follow the golden rules of selling online, “the more traffic, the more sales”

5. Put up your own website or blog. You will argue me with this. You might say that you don’t want to afford the hosting or domain. I have to tell you that, your site or blog can be a huge different. Your book’s site will add the book more value from the customers’ eyes. What’s more is that when you publish another book just simple put it there, where your promoted site is. That make your life a lot more easier because you have to promote once and for all.

6. Create a mailing list. That way you can interactive with your readers. You don’t have to make a newsletter about your books or your goods. It’ll scared the readers away. Try to make if fun and friendly, convince them that you are their’s friend. The friend that introduces them a great books ( of yours, exactly) :)

7. In your blog (or your website, but I recommend you to setup it with WordPress to use blog feature. It’s very easy for you because you don’t have to worry about on-page factor) try to write it as often as you can. If it possible, try to write it everyday, Visit other people blogs and don’t forget to comment on their’s blog. By doing this will keep him/her happy and the important thing is don’t forget to link back to your blog for his/her comment.

8. After you have finished setup your site, try to exchange your link with your author friends or others. That will make your site more visible to a horde of internet users.

9. Every time you finish reading a book, try writing a review article of it. You can submit it else where. That will make you backlinks.

10. Join the internet contests. Usually, It’s free. You don’t worry about winning the first place. If you don’t win, your title will be list anyway. So many more people are watching you!

Be friendly, Go everywhere and make friend. Be helpful to everybody. Giving your time. Pay respect to other and say them a congrats when they make a nice post or article. This is the most important thins I want to tell you above all. You will get help by many people, you’ll be the inspiration of the other, they’ll promote you without saying a word. Friendship rule the world :)

Getting Blog Links

Getting Blog Links

A lot of time is spent by bloggers trying to get other blogs to link to them. A lot of traffic can be gained by doing this with blogs that are both related to your topic and blogs that have a lot of readers.

This can sometimes be very difficult for new bloggers because they do not yet have enough readers or page rank to interest the bigger blogs.

Talk to other bloggers who are in the same position as you right now and develop a lasting relationship. You link to them, they link to you and as both of your blogs grow those links will pay off for you.

Many people find a blog they like, then will take suggestions from that blog about other blogs they might like. So someone goes to a blog you have traded links with and likes them, then they follow your link and if your content is good, they add you to their reading list. The same happens in reverse for the one you link back to.

Sooner than you think both of your blogs will become ones that a circle of people read. The more blogs you do this with, the more your circle will eventually grow.

Don’t be too concerned with page rank. Many of the established blogs with good page rank are not going to link to you until you build up your readership at least a little. There is a reason for this and it isn’t arrogance, though it may feel that way at times.

The reason is that many people start blogs, but few people actually become bloggers. Blogging daily takes a commitment that many are not willing to make. The established blogs might link to you regardless of page rank and traffic issues if they see you are committed to writing your blog and becoming a blogger.

They don’t want to link to someone’s blog that may or may not be around next month. It is a disservice to their readers and a hassle to remove your link later or check and see if you are actually still blogging. They do not have the time to hold your hand on it.

If they check out your blog and you have been posting to it every day for quite awhile, say 6 months at least, then they might give you a helping hand and welcome you to the blogosphere.

Put it into your schedule to make a post every single day, even if it has to be a short one due to lack of time. When there is a time you know you will not be able to post for a few days, make a post for each of those days and if you are using wordpress you can timestamp the posts so that each one appears on the scheduled day. That is one way to keep your blog fresh for your readers every day.

Another tip is, as we post to our blogs daily, there are times when you have two or three things you want to blog, but if you are finding it hard to post daily, timestamp the second or third post for other days rather than posting them right now unless it is something time sensitive. Try to stay two or three days ahead so that if you miss a day, it won’t hurt you.

If you are using blogger or other blogging software that doesn’t have the timestamp feature, save them as drafts, then log in when you have little time and post your draft. If you have time to blog a post, then leave the draft there until you need it.

Don’t let yourself get frustrated if everyone doesn’t want to link to you right away. If you are blogging good content, you may find they are linking to you before you even ask!

How to optimize your’s blog for better ranking.

How to optimize your’s blog for better ranking.

Now, you should have a blog full with content you have passionately written. It should be a very interesting grapevine for the community of your chosen niche, as opposed to a lifeless factsheet.
However, no matter how delicious your content is, if there is nobody to read it you can’t generate profit from it. Traffic is the lifeblood of your blog. In order to attract people, you must offer attractive information. Simple enough.
However, to get traffic onto your site, you have to think backwards. Where do people look when they need information? Yes, they search using search engines like, and, to name a few more popular ones. So, to get these people on your blog, your blog needs to rank high on search result pages of these search engines. When these people search for information through the search engines and see your site among the top results, they will naturally click through to your blog! The art of getting your blog or website onto high rankings on search result pages is called search engine optimization. It is a very complex and hard subject to master, but that doesn’t stop us from learning simple yet effective techniques to conquer the search results for certain keywords. The more complex techniques are usually needed to fight for very competitive and general keywords such as “fat loss”, but I’ll teach you how to overcome that later. For now, let’s determine the keywords that you want to optimize your site for. For example, your blog talks about tech gadgets. Now, you’d want to check in Google whether it is a very competetive keyword. At this time of writing, there are 29, 000 ,000 search results. Think you can beat 29, 000, 000 sites at your first attempt? I don’t think so.

Now, let’s try to narrow down our scope. Let’s look for “technological gadgets” instead. At this time of writing, Google lists 792, 000 results. That’s more manageable, but you’d like to search for more focused keywords. However, let’s optimize your blog for “technological gadget” just for the sake of learning.
First, you have to pay attention to the title of your blog. Since you’re optimizing for technological gadgets, you need to have that exact phrase in your blog title. For example, a line like “Your Best Technological Gadget Blog!” would work great. You can change the title of your blog in the Blogger control panel or the WordPress blog when you’re creating it. If you’re proficient with HTML, you can even do that on other blog engines like Moveable Type. Bottom line? Learn a little HTML!
Other than that, your page heading should also contain the term you’re optimizing for. The page heading is the bit of text in your code that is enclosed within the and tags. This is important as it tells the search engines what your page is about (in this case, “technological gadgets”). Since we’re posting a blog, the tags are usually the post titles, so remember to include the term there whenever relevant.
One last bit, you should also sprinkle the words “technological gadgets” in your posts whenever possible. The frequent occurrence of that phrase in your blog will hint the search engines that your blog is really relevant to that topic.

However, this is the most important bit of all. Always keep in mind that you’re writing for real life people who read your blog to obtain information, so it is very stupid to spam your blog with keywords! In fact, if you do that, the search engines will end up thinking you’re spamming and drop your ranking further down into oblivion… So keep in mind! Write for humans, not search engines!

Article Marketing-Both Sides of the Fence

Article Marketing-Both Sides of the Fence

Every site has its own set of guidelines – but I think if you adhere to the following – more of your articles will get published. It is best to check each site’s set of rules (but who has the time) or follow this basic set of do’s and don’ts.

1. Do submit articles on a regular basis
2. Do capitalize the first letter of every word in the subject line
3. Do check the spelling and grammar – and then check it again
4. Do write original articles about topics you have a passion for
5. Do write articles that are about 400-800 characters in length – too short and too long will be rejected
6. Do write an article – not a blatant advertisement
7. Do check the paragraph formatting
8. Do write an informative Author’s resource box
9. Do use HTML tags (if allowed) – I would demonstrate an example of a proper link – but most likely it would cause the article to be declined. Just Google HTML link to see how to do it correctly

1. Don’t capitalize every letter in the subject line
2. Don’t bold the subject or your links
3. Don’t submit more than 2 links in the author’s resource box
4. Don’t put links in the text of the article
5. Don’t cloak links – do it legally to get links back to your site
6. Don’t write an ad – write an article (I know – I already said this above)

Here are some general recommendations:
1. Get a real domain – it is much more acceptable and professional than blogspot, angelfire, or any of the other free site places. If you want to have a blog – get a domain and use wordpress – the domain will cost all of about 8 dollars per year and hosting can be had for under per year.
2. Use an autosubmitter. There are free and paid services – either way – your article(s) will be at hundreds or thousands of sites instead of one or two. Be advised that some article sites don’t accept articles submitted by autosubmitters – but they are in the minority.
3. Visit your articles. Many article sites will send you an email that tells you that your article has been submitted. Go and look and make sure it looks OK, the link(s) are correct and then vote for it and if the site has social bookmarks – bookmark it.
4. If you use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles – change them – make them different so that they are not the same as a bazillion other articles online.
5. Check the sites’ guidelines – some don’t accept gambling articles, sexually oriented articles, etc. Some will even decline your article if it doesn’t pass their internal word search. I have had some declined for using the word “sex” or “marijuana” in the article. Even though the “sex” article was health related and the “marijuana” article was a travel advice article informing travelers not to smuggle drugs. Sometimes you can’t win.
6. Don’t get frustrated. It can take time for the articles to get indexed in the search engines and it can take time for the article site owners to approve your articles. Just keep plugging away and it will pay off.
7. Quality is better than quantity. Just cranking out crap articles daily is not as good as writing 2 or 3 good articles every week.
8. Take time with the subject. If the subject is boring – most likely the article will not get read. Be creative.
9. Write 2 or 3 sentences in the Author’s resource box. Tell us about yourself and why you are the expert on this topic or why we should click your link.

Hopefully this helps you in getting more of your articles published.

7 Steps To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

7 Steps To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Here are 7 common sense guidelines to eliminate credit card debt:

1) DO make a budget listing all your fixed expenses. Rent or mortgage, car insurance, car payments, cell phones, utilities, day care, fixed loans, etc. Then try to estimate a reasonable budget for discretionary items like food, drinks, dry cleaning, etc.

2) DO make a second list of all your outstanding balances and sort by balance, minimum payment, and interest charges if you have multiple credit card debts.

You may think the wisest thing to do is paying off the credit card with the highest interest rate. However, there are 2 preferred methods to follow.

First, you should first reduce the number of credit cards. Pay off the smallest balance first with larger payments until the number of credit cards you have in debt is down to one. Your ultimate goal is zero, or when you can pay your monthly balance in full every month.

The other strategy is to pay the balance on any card exceeding 50 percent of your credit limit because balances above this level may cause your credit score to diminish.

3) DO use cash or a debit card from your checking account. You can’t spend what you don’t have.

4) DO look for extra income. Most likely your rent or mortgage is your biggest expense, so consider a roommate. If you like your occasional privacy, consider an International student for shorter periods of time.

Consider starting a Blog. Blogger and WordPress blog platforms are free. If it becomes popular, slap on some Ads with Google Adsense. Your first payout will be issued when you reach 0.

5) DO look for the little things that add up in your expenses. Maybe change your cell phone plan if you are constantly going over the monthly minutes? How about that .75 Starbucks latte or cappuccino every work day? That’s almost ,000 a year!

6) DON’T sign up with a new credit card with a 0% APR for the first 6 months.

You probably receive a lot of junk mail enticing you to sign up with a new credit card with a 0% APR for the first 6 months before it jumps to 24% or even higher. Then 6 months later you would transfer your huge balance to another piece of plastic. Unfortunately, the biggest risk is they are simply giving you more credit to spend, and the number of cards and liability increases.

Unless you are extremely disciplined, this doesn’t really work as you end up bigger and deeper in the hole! Reducing the number of credit cards is the goal.

7) DON’T get a consolidated bank loan to pay off all your debt.

Logically, a 12% bank loan APR is less than 24% APR on a credit card. It sounds like good advice, because you can’t spend what you don’t have. You will be asked to have all your cards cut up (except maybe one with a small credit limit) and you have reduced the number of credit cards.

However, your bank may not accept your loan application if they have no collateral, or if your Debt to Service ratio is too high. Often, a co-signer is often required. These types of loans are not like regular loans for a car or house where they can repossess it should you default on your payments.

But if you do choose this method and default on this loan, either your co-signer will end up footing the bill (and really getting them angry!) or losing your assets assuming you own one. The ultimate downfall is you might end up in bankruptcy. It’s better to upset one creditor than to lose your entire home.

Research, educate, get creative, and get out of credit card debt now!

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website: Increasing Sales With More Traffic

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website: Increasing Sales With More Traffic

When all is said and done, the marketing principles that apply in the brick and mortar world have similar applications in cyberspace, on the Internet and World Wide Web. In other words, many of the marketing goals that apply to doing business in the brick and mortar world are equally applicable in cyberspace and on the Net.

For example, in the brick and mortar world, one of the keys to ensuring that your business will survive is developing methods through which you can bring customers to your real world store. The same principle holds true on the Net as well. In order for your Internet based business to thrive, you need to drive business to your Internet website. You need to increase traffic to your Internet website.

One method that you can utilize to increase traffic to your website is search engine optimization of SEO. SEO is the marketing tool through which you increase your ranking level on search engine search results. For example, if you are able to initiate and implement a strong SEO program, you will be able to take a position towards the top of particular search engine results. By being at the top of search engine search results, you will have more people clicking on the search result link to your website. You will end up with more traffic to your website.

As a general rule, increased traffic to your website necessarily results in an increase in the number of customers or clients doing business with your business enterprise. More business means more sales. More sales translates into more revenue for your business. And, ultimately, an increase in revenue results in more profits for and from your web-based business enterprise over the course of the long term.

In regard to SEO programs, you might want to consult with an SEO professional. There are now qualified, reputable and reliable men and women who are in business in this day and age providing to people specific marketing plans that center on SEO. These people can assist you in developing an SEO program that will increase traffic to the website of your Internet based business. Again, as has been mentioned, solid SEO and increased traffic to your business website will result in an increase in revenue and an increase in profits for your online business venture. You will enjoy true online business success today … and tomorrow.

Why Should Go For Open Source Software?

Why Should Go For Open Source Software?

“Open source is a set of principles and practices on how to write software, the most important of which is that the source code is openly available”

The free software movement was launched in 1983. In 1998, a group of individuals advocated that the term free software be replaced by open source software (OSS) as an expression which is less ambiguous and more comfortable for the corporate world. Software developers may want to publish their software with an open source license, so that anybody may also develop the same software or understand how it works.

Benefits of Open Source Software:

Low Cost
NO need to buy expensive server software licenses or renew. The service includes all required software, and never required any additional software.

Efficient Working
The major reason is it is virus free. Also it works fine with lower configuration hardware. You will not require to take higher configuration hardware.

Almost all software releases contains bugs. When a bug is spotted in proprietary software, the only people who can fix it are the original developers, as only they have access to the source code. Open source software is different. As a large number of users can access and change the code, bugs tend to be more visible and more rapidly corrected. One of the slogans of the open source movement is that ‘given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow’

Closed source applications can only be customized or adapted by the original vendor. Open source applications may be customized by anyone with the requisite skill. Thus, open source software can be readily adapted to meet specific user needs. Even if you cannot program yourself, it is easy to post a feature request on an open source software project’s home page. If you would like something added or customized urgently, you can generally pay an appropriately skilled software developer to do it for you.

With access to the source code it is easy to translate the language of the software interface. Large closed source commercial software vendors are usually unwilling to translate their products into less widely spoken languages, as the market for them would be too small to guarantee profit.

Easy Learning From Examples
If you are interested in programming, open source code provides an excellent resource from which to learn, and open source projects provide a practical environment in which to test your skills. Just watching the development process can provide an education in itself. If you choose to submit code to an open source project, it will generally be checked and commented on by experienced programmers. Once you have convinced the project community that your code is of appropriate quality, you may be granted full committer rights yourself.

Large Community and become a part of it
By adopting open source software you become part of a community of users and developers who have an interest in working together to support each other and improve the software. The extent to which you engage with this community is up to you, but you may obtain the intangible benefits of goodwill if you do.

There is leading software and development providers who offer a range of powerful Open Source Software that provide zero risk, cost effective functionality. Rather than the expensive and risky approach of building a bespoke site from scratch First Rate uses a proven base system and simply plugs in proven modules as required.
Popular Open source Software:
• Oscommerce – Ecommerce Application
• Zen Cart — Ecommerce Application
• Joomla — Content Management System
• TYPO3 — Enterprise Level Content Management System
• X-Cart — Ecommerce Application
• Cs-Cart — Ecommerce Application
• Wordpress – Blog System
• phpBB – Discussion Forum
• Drupal – Content Management System
• Moodle – Learning Management System
• phpNuke – Content Management Portal
• mambo – Content Management Portal
Whites Destiny –