Great Tips On Search Engine Optimization And SEO Services

Great Tips On Search Engine Optimization And SEO Services

If you’re finding that your site hasn’t attracted the attention that you think it deserves, then it’s time for you to learn about search engine optimization and SEO services. This is how you can get your site to be noticed more by search engines and thus potential customers and viewers. Whether you’re looking to improve business or just have more people look at your site, search engine optimization and SEO services is the way to do it.

Not many people know how search engines really work, but it’s obvious just from using them that keywords or phrases can play a major role in what sites pop up first. Popularity of a site is also important. This is why you might see well-known products from TV or other advertising media pop up at the top of the list. This is because search engines have certain guidelines that they follow and using the guidelines to your advantage is how your site will see more visitors in no time.

The guidelines that search engines follow could also cause your site to be skipped over or even banned if you make it obvious that you’re just trying to manipulate the system. Having your site full of keywords and phrases that are solely there to get seen by the search engine will be noticed by the people who maintain the search engine and your site can be banned from that search engine.

Actually cheating the system such as using white lettering that is nothing but keywords on a white page will most certainly get your site banned from just about every search engine. It’s when search engine optimization and SEO services are used properly that you’ll get the recognition for your site that you’ve been waiting for.
Proper keyword placement is not about how many times a keyword is in your text but rather how it’s placed in your text.

Using proper keyword placement and avoiding overuse of keywords is key. The search engine will pick up on the use of the keyword and you’ll see that the product text is easy to read. Every search engine has a slightly different guideline that they follow so if looking to be found on a particular site, make sure you tailor your keyword placement correctly.

More people will be able to find your site when it’s already gained popularity, so the process can be hard for those who are just starting out. A great idea is to find sites that relate to your site and see if you could place a link to their site on yours in exchange for having a link to your site on their site. The more people that click on your link, the more popular your site will be considered by search engines – so you’ll go higher up the rankings. Those who are trained in search engine optimization and SEO services will be able to help you use these tips to your best advantage.

Rules In SEO

Rules In SEO

If you want to build a successful business on the Internet, you can spend as much money as you can afford on a Google AdWords campaign and other forms of advertising. However, it has been proven in the Search Engine Marketing industry that at least 40% of the time, your clients will find you through Google and other search engines.

This fact alone makes it very important for any serious Internet business owner to learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization. If you can’t do it yourself, at least you can’t be left in the dark on the methodologies if you decide to hire an SEO specialist.

And just what are these SEO basics?

Website Design and Navigation

These are the most important aspects of SEO. A website that succeeds with both search engines and website visitors are those that are easily navigated and are designed in simple HTML. When these two elements are combined, they make up for a good visitor experience and easy crawling by the search engine spiders.

Some of the things to avoid in website design are dynamic page and URLs, frames, flash elements, Java script, and image maps for web page interlinking or sitemap generation.

Keyword research

SEO is based on the premise that an unknown number of Internet users are searching for a host of things on Google by typing in search terms called keywords. If you want to know the popular keywords that is appropriate to the business your website represents, research exhaustively on keywords.

In deciding what keywords to use, there is one rule: “the more specific the better”. If you own a dating site, for example, “true love” or “soul mate” might be too broad. Run the keywords on Overture and Wordtracker. You might find keywords that are more appropriate to your site like “True love for marriage”, perhaps?

Keyword Density and Relevance

Search engines, specifically Google, determine what websites go to the top of your search based on relevance. This is determined in part by keyword density, or how many instances a keyword appears in the web page’s content.

Write your content according to density. Do not spam, though. Aside from sounding gibberish, spam content also gets flagged by search engines and websites containing them are removed from the index.

Relevance and Inbound Links

Search engines also consider inbound links to your site (specifically, their number and quality) to determine your website’s relevance to a keyword.

Make time to find the sites related to your website. Also make sure that the hyperlink to your site found on the other website has your keywords in them.

Don’t scoop and link though. Google once penalized websites that linked with 200 to 300 other sites per month.

An Opportunity On Each Page

On each page on your website there is actually an opportunity for you to rank for a different keyword each time. Notice how two different pages by the same website are generated for the same keyword. Go ahead and assign different keywords to each. Write and optimize accordingly.

The Real Deal Search Engine Optimization Rules

The Real Deal Search Engine Optimization Rules

Search engine optimization is an important element of modern marketing, but just what are the search engine optimization rules? It’s not quite as easy as just saying “here’s what to do and what not to do” – every website will benefit differently from different SEO methods. Perhaps the only real search engine optimization rule is: you’ve got to do it!

Seriously, though, there are some elements of SEO that are absolutely required for the process. One of these key search engine optimization rules is understanding keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that users on the Internet use to search for the things they want. Optimizing your website for popular keywords is a surefire way of generating more traffic, which could lead to more ads served or more sales for products you’re selling.

Another rule of search engine optimization is to build up links that lead to your web site. By linking your own web pages together, or finding ways to have other web sites link to yours, you can greatly increase traffic to your site. This is because Google and other search engines use links to your site as “references” – in other words, they view links as recommendations to visit a site. Because of this, more links will increase your web site’s rank in search engine listings.

This is all thanks to a process known as “spidering.” The way it works is that search engines basically send out automated robots or “spiders” to comb the Internet for data. When these spiders reach a link, they’ll follow it and then continue their search. So, the more links that lead to your websites, the more spiders that will find and index your site, making it more popular on search engine rankings.

Another in the list of important search engine optimization rules is to check your status. It’s not enough to simply use SEO methods on your site – you’ve got to make sure they’re working. If not, you’re just wasting your time… and who has time to waste these days? You should check your page rank, and frequently check to ensure the keywords you’re focusing on are still relevant.

One tool that can help in this process is known as web analytics. Web analytics programs can give you a wide variety of data that can help you further customize your SEO plan. For instance, web analytics can tell you which keywords are bringing people to your website, how many people they’re bringing, and through which search engines. If you sell a product or offer a service to users who sign up, it can also track which parts of your site are most effective at converting visitors to buyers.

Search engine optimization is far more complex that these three basic concepts, but they will provide you with a solid foundation. For more information, there are a number of resources on the web to maximize your SEO. In the mean times, these search engine optimization rules will serve you well.

PPC Advertising – The First Step In A SEO Marketing Campaign

PPC Advertising – The First Step In A SEO Marketing Campaign

Often, sites view seo and PPC marketing as exclusive marketing techniques. Each marketing method has its advocates. In reality, both have a place in the Internet marketing process. If you intend to pursue a major seo effort, a PPC campaign is a critical early step.

PPC For Testing

Let’s say you have a site offering a service or product in the travel market. You’ve put together a healthy budget and decided to go for broke. Yep, you’re optimizing and trading links in an effort to go after keyword phrases with major traffic and competition. For instance, you’ve decided to have a go at “Europe travel”, which has roughly 400,000 searches each month and major competition for high rankings. You spend two years trading links, adding content and so on. Miracle of miracles, you pop on to the first page of search results. You start shopping for your private jet only to realize a very disturbing thing. You are getting thousands of visits, but few sales. After running calculations, you find the site is converting at 1 in 10,000.

Houston, we have a problem.

A PPC campaign should be used to test your site against keyword phrases before you spend the time and money on an seo campaign. The best platforms to use for your campaign are Google Adwords and Overture. Yes, click fraud is a problem, but less so on these platforms.

After opening accounts and laying a credit card down at the PPC alter, you need to give some thought at to how you will test your keywords. Here’s a hint. The campaign should be designed to test the keyword phrases, not maximize sales. This may sound like a strange statement, but keep in mind the purpose of the campaign. You are determining whether you have picked appropriate keyword phrases for the seo campaign. So, how does it all go wrong?

With both Overture and Adwords, you have the ability to designate the reach of your keyword phrases. Most pick the “broad match” option, which is terrible for testing. With broad match, your advertisements are going to appear for your keyword phrase AND variations of the phrase. Since the ad is appearing on a variety of keyword phrases, the results can give you a false impression of the value of the primary keyword phrase.

Going back to our example, we start a Google Adwords campaign for “Europe travel” and use the default broad match option. After a month, we are happy to find the ads converting at 1 in 70. Having validated the keyword phrase, we set off on the long seo campaign. But are we really sure about the validity of the keyword phrase. Since Google has been known to seriously expand keyword phrases under the broad match option, how do we know that the true keyword phrase isn’t “European travel”? We don’t unless we take a few additional steps.

The first step is to limit the PPC advertisements by bypassing the broad match option. Instead, you want to limit the appearance of the ad only to searches for the exact keyword phrase. In Adwords, this is known as the “exact phrase” match. To designate it, you simply place brackets “[]” around the keyword phrase. Second, you need to track traffic originating from the ads. This can be done using tracking tools on your server or through the tracking options offered by each PPC platform. Regardless of your choice, the resulting data will give a much truer picture of the value of the particular keyword phrases.

Nothing is more aggravating then getting top rankings, but miserable conversions. The only way to beat this problem is to test, test, test. Using PPC campaigns at the outset of an Internet marketing efforts can save you a lot of headaches later on.

Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization – A Perfect Marriage & Popular Viral Marketing Techniques

Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization – A Perfect Marriage & Popular Viral Marketing Techniques

Pay per click or search engine optimization, which one should you use? Many view PPC marketing as a colossal waste of money while others disdain search engine optimization. In reality, the two marketing strategies form a perfect marriage.

Pay-Per-Click – PPC

PPC marketing is a love it or hate platform. For the “love it” crowd, PPC marketing is a way to get instant exposure and feedback on site designs. In a matter of minutes, you can start receiving traffic and adjusting your site to convert the traffic at the best rate possible. For those in the “hate it” crowd, bids are too high and one never knows how many of the clicks are fake and worthless.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

As with PPC, seo marketing has its proponents and detractors. Those who love it look at the free traffic and glorious profitability of a site that converts the traffic at a decent rate. Detractors view seo as an unnecessary waste of time since it can take a year or more to get high rankings, particularly on Google. Detractors also argue that high listings are subject to changes in the search engine ranking process, which means you can lose your rankings.

So, who is right? In truth, both sides make accurate arguments. PPC is expensive and click fraud is a monstrous problem. Seo produces free traffic, but it takes along time to get to the top and rankings are subject to the whims of search engine ranking changes. The truth, of course, is both marketing platforms should be used whenever possible.

Marketing Marriage

Every site is unique, but most should combine PPC and seo marketing as part of an overall internet marketing strategy. When starting out, the PPC campaign is critical for getting immediate traffic and tweaking the site to maximize conversions. At the same time, a seo campaign should be undertaken. As the site rises in search results, the PPC campaign should be phased out for the relevant high listings.

PPC and seo marketing are not mutually exclusive. When married together as part of an overall marketing strategy, both platforms will deliver the goods.
Popular Viral Marketing Techniques

Viral Marketing is all about giving away your own free product or service along with your ad copy (contact information, link, email, etc.). In turn, recipients of your free product are allowed to pass it along to their own clients, prospects, visitors and others as a freebie. This is a quick way to multiple your marketing at no extra expense and without extra effort on your part.

Here are some popular viral marketing techniques to follow:

1. EBooks – Share your no cost eBook with your website visitors. Include a nice full-color ad for your most popular product line with links to your website and email. Tell recipients to share copies of the eBook with their own site visitors and other contacts.

2. Software – Share a trial or “lite” version of your software with your website visitors as a freebie. Don’t forget to include that ad for your most popular product line with links to your website and email. And tell recipients to share copies of the software with their own site visitors and other contacts. For help creating software, hire help from online bid sites like

3. Web Host – Offer to host small business web sites on your server at no charge. In exchange, place your own banner ad at the top of the site for viral marketing. You can setup a fold for their site and they can choose their own domain name and have it redirected to that folder.

4. Templates – Design your own website or other templates, include your own marketing information on them and give them away as free downloads or as an electronic package. Grant permission for recipients to pass them along.

5. Articles – Write articles about your industry. Include your website and contact information in the byline and grant permission for others to publish as long as they keep the byline intact. Then people can use your contact on websites, in ezines, newsletters and other places where once again, viral marketing will speed the spread of information about your business.

6. Discussion Board – Set up a Discussion Board on your website with your banner ad attached at the top. And invite others to link to it and use it for their own sites.
In summary, by using viral marketing strategies, you can reach out all over the Internet with much less effort. See which methods work best for you and repeat them as often as needed.

Using Search Engine Optimization For Your Website Marketing

Using Search Engine Optimization For Your Website Marketing

The process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gained popularity in recent years as a mean to reach target audiences through improved web site positioning in search engines. However, few have an understanding of the SEO methods employed in order to produce such results. The following tips are some basic best practices to consider in optimizing your site for improved search engine performance.

The first step to any SEO campaign is to identify the search terms (also referred to as key terms, or key words) for which you want your site pages to be found in search engines – these are the words that a prospective visitor might type into a search engine to find relevant websites. For example, if your organization’s mission has to do with environmental protection, are your target visitors most likely to search for “acid rain”, “save the forests”, “toxic waste”, “greenhouse effect”, or all of the above? Do you want to reach visitors who are local, regional or national in scope? These are considerations that need careful attention as you begin the SEO process. After all, it’s no use having a good search engine ranking for terms no one’s looking for.

Your target terms should be at least two words in length and, of course, be relevant to the contents of your site page. Your own intuition and team brainstorming are good places to start with key term selection. However, there are tools designed to assist you in validating your choices and researching search term possibilities you may never have never even considered.

WordTracker and Overture offer two of the most popular such tools: WordTracker ( is the industry standard tool used for search term selection research. Although there is a fee for using the full version of WordTracker, they also offer limited trial where you can test out the system. Overture ( also offers a “Term Suggestion Tool” that can be utilized for researching target search terms when you sign up for a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) account with them. By strategically selecting terms that are popular enough to bring you visibility with target audiences, yet not so general/competitive that a prominent ranking will be difficult, you can ensure that your SEO efforts are built on a stable foundation from the start.

We Have the Terms, Now What Do We Do With Them?

Once you have selected the search terms you want to target, the next step is to integrate the terms into your site pages to make them relevant.

Selecting Pages for Optimization

Initially, the pages that you select for optimization should be those that offer the most focused content relating to the terms you want to target – you may already have such pages on your site, or you may need to develop them from scratch. You can optimize as many pages as you like, but each page should focus on no more than one or two of your target terms.
If your organization

Link Popularity is The Key to have huge amount of permanent and quality traffic.

Link Popularity is The Key to have huge amount of permanent and quality traffic.

As a website owner, you may or may not realize the value of a campaign designed to increase link popularity. The results of such efforts serve to increase the amount of traffic not only because of the increased visibility of your website due to larger amounts of links. Additionally, the higher the number of relevant one way links coming into your site, the more you build link popularity.

In order to find out which sites on the internet have the highest link popularity, it is only necessary to go to a search engine and enter a word or phrase. Understand that the first sites to appear on your screen will be those that have invested resources to build link popularity. The steps necessary to increase link popularity may seem simple at first glance, but here are some reasons to hire a specialist to help you increase link popularity:

The search engine algorithms consider multiple items when assigning link popularity to particular sites. Internet marketing pros know how to build link popularity for your site.

It does matter where your site is listed. Free directory listings and reciprocal link programs seem like a great idea to increase link popularity, although if used incorrectly these services may actually detract from your link popularity.

An SEO specialist hired to increase link popularity will understand the interrelations of the major search engines. For example, they already know that Yahoo! rankings are tied directly to Google rankings. And more than that, they know how to get your site noticed.

A professional SEO specialist will already know the tricks to networking. They have experience with contacting the owners of sites containing similar content or themes in order to request link exchanges. They know the best way to get you the external links to your site in order to increase link popularity and site traffic.

It should by now seem fairly obvious that almost without a doubt if you want to build link popularity successfully, you are going to require outside help. Because your priorities need to be focused in other areas than SEO, hiring a link popularity SEO specialist is a fabulous way to save your time and increase your site traffic with a minor financial investment.

Of course, by hiring someone to build link popularity for your site you are going
to have a better return on investment than if you spent your own time trying to increase link popularity.

In closing, be aware that link popularity is perhaps the most important measure applied to a website with today’s search engine technologies. It takes a large investment of time to build link popularity for a newly launched site – and to increase the link popularity of an existing site. So, hiring an SEO specialist to perform this task on your behalf is a good investment to make when you consider the tangible benefits that happen very quickly on your site statistic and the search engine results pages.

Home Business Writing Opportunity

Home Business Writing Opportunity

SEO Keyword Articles, A Great Home Business Writing Opportunity To Make Real Cash.

For every successful freelance writer who is living the dream by writing for Rolling Stone, Newsweek or Cosmopolitan, there are a thousand others who come up against rejection after rejection and start to lose faith that they will ever make money from their craft. It’s easy to get discouraged that your writing will never get you anywhere, but there is one very good home business writing opportunity you have probably either overlooked or never considered that will generate real, tangible income for you from writing even if it doesn’t happen to be glamorous or prestigious like writing for a major national magazine.

This home business writing opportunity is in the area of search engine optimized keyword articles. The market for search engine optimized (SEO) keyword article writers has exploded over the last two years. Essentially, business owners and cyber entrepreneurs have caught on to the fact that the success or failure of their business often relies directly on the levels of website traffic they get and their conversion rates from this website traffic. Therefore, it is in their best interests to generate relevant website traffic while providing content that will actually relate to their visitors.

This is where SEO keyword articles and your home business writing opportunity come into play. Businesses who want more traffic through search engine clicks hire writers like you to produce relevant articles laden with common search phrases and word combinations relevant to their business. They post the articles on their websites and then every time someone searches for these phrases, your article on their website comes up. This helps draw more traffic and potential customers to their website.

Make no mistake – becoming an SEO writer is a real way to make money as a home business writing opportunity. The work is plentiful, if not hugely fascinating, and the pay is steady, if not fantastic. You may not be writing for Rolling Stone, but by taking advantage of this home business writing opportunity, you can start to see a real income from your writing which is more than many freelance writers are able to say.

High-converting SEO Product: 5000 Backlinks For Fast Link Building

High-converting SEO Product: 5000 Backlinks For Fast Link Building
High-converting SEO Product: 5000 Backlinks For Fast Link Building
One Of The Most Comprehensive Link Building Packages You Will Find On The Internet. Developed By 2 Highly Respected Marketers In The Industry. High Conversion Rate, Low Refund Rate – Customers Are Super Happy With This Brand New SEO Product!
High-converting SEO Product: 5000 Backlinks For Fast Link Building

4 Top Search Engine Optimization (seo) Tips To Try

4 Top Search Engine Optimization (seo) Tips To Try

Search engine optimization (SEO) tips from successful Internet marketers can offer popular means of bringing more search engines and people to your websites. And more search engines plus more people is a simple formula for more clicks and sales, a win-win for online marketers in all niches.

So let’s cut to the chase, here are some top SEO tips form those who’ve been there, done that, with successful results:

1. Select a Keyword Rich Domain Name

This may not always be possible in many niche markets for the more popular keywords. Therefore you can focus on creating mini-sites that are keyword based. For example, if your website is about web hosting, you can create mini-sites about web hosting but with a lesser known keyword such as “low cost web hosting”.

2. Choose Search Engine Friendly URLs

Use search engine friendly URLs when possible. You want to be sure to use hyphens and underscores in all your URLs and preferably have the URLs be the keyword that relates to the page. For example, if the web page is about web hosting, then the URL could be web-hosting or web_hosting.

3. Check out your IP Address

For the websites you believe to be most important, ensure that they have unique ip addresses for each site. The reason this is important is many sites on a “shared” hosting service share the same ip address. If any of these sites have been banned by the search engines, it could affect your site’s ranking or even result in your site being banned as well, since it is sharing the same ip address.

4. Do some Keyword research

It’s important to do thorough research before deciding what keywords you’ll focus on when optimizing your website. A popular tool you can use is Good Keywords, a free keyword research software application.

Give these SEO tips a try and check your own results. See what works best for your products and services, and then repeat accordingly with new campaigns all year long to keep a healthy flow of traffic, clicks and sales coming your way.